Missile Wars

This thrilling mobile game

will get you out of your seat and literally running for safety.

Bomb players anywhere in the world, real-time. Pick from your arsenal of missiles: fast, deadly, or accurate. And make folks get off their actual butts to dodge your virtual attack.

What's that? Air raid sirens! Incoming! Drop your triple-iced grande mocha, grab your phone, and move. I said MOVE, soldier!

Put that map and GPS to use. You've got a measly 20 seconds to avoid the explosion. YOU are the target now. Scuttle out of the red blast circle and, if you're fast enough, escape unharmed. Shrapnel hurts, trust me.

Work your way up the ranks and collect more lethal missiles and airdrops. One day you just might be promoted to Sergeant, or Commander, or even General. But beware, it's no picnic at the top when the world is gunning for you.

Missile Wars is back!

Many great new features:

- New missiles
- Land mines
- Missile airdrops
- Shield airdrops
- First Aid airdrops
- Bonuses
- Medals
- Arsenal
- Standard and satellite maps
- Safe area
- New design
- "Get The Nuke" game
- And fast gameplay that'll get you running!

mobile screen

Get Missile Wars for your phone:

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Missile Wars
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